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Industry 4.0 needs more than just robots

Industry is experiencing a period of great upheaval once again, as people yield control of production activities to robots, IT and artificial intelligence.

Industrie 4.0 braucht nicht nur Roboter

In this context, “traceability” means the ability to establish relationships in a development process from the identification of requirements through to the solution. It sounds like people are redundant. But that’s not the case – quite the opposite, in fact. Industry 4.0 does eliminate those human activities that are monotonous or require greater than human precision. But in industry, as elsewhere, the only ways we respond to the world’s complexity are through creativity, empathy and imagination – all qualities that only humans possess.

At DEININGER, we are confident that we can identify the decision makers and managers needed to meet the changing requirements that apply in industrial settings and find the right people to fit a tailor-made job profile.

Jun 22, 2020