As student advisers at the IU International University of Applied Sciences, Campus Frankfurt am Main, we keep our eyes peeled for companies that are motivated to train and contribute to the education of young people.

Nina Ossenfort, Studienberaterin | © Luise Fuchs (Ingelheim)

We look for partner companies that are committed to  supporting, developing and helping young people take their first steps in the world of work.

As a university, we deliver the theoretical part, but need strong partners who can provide insights into their company and let our dual study students look over their shoulder, take on responsibility for projects and, ideally, offer them a job after graduation.

DEININGER CONSULTING is one such company. Together, we recruit prospective students that often do not exactly know what they would like to do with their lives. Quite honestly, young people rarely express a desire during their time in school to attend academic advisory sessions. Most of them can point to internships and some even international experience. However, although they are motivated, they are not yet able to gauge where they can best use their experience.

This is where academic advisory comes into play. Our applicants speak to us about their ambitions and goals in life, but also about the experience they gained outside of school. Depending on their preferences and prior knowledge, we then recommend our partner companies. Quite often, during the so-called matching process, applicants realize that they had always wanted to go into sales, research or customer communications, but did not know which professional environment would best reflect this.

It turned out that the dual study system and DEININGER CONSULTING were a perfect fit and we look forward to tackling many more exciting projects together. In the last two semesters, we had the pleasure of helping six prospective students find their degree course.

We are delighted to have DEININGER CONSULTING on board and also look forward to jointly discovering and developing the skilled workers of tomorrow.

About IU International University:

As the largest state-recognized and accredited private university with 75,000 students, more than 1,000 lecturers, 200 professors and over 6,000 workplace experience partners, the IU International University is one of the most modern learning institutions in Europe.

We attach great importance to offering our students first-class, well-structured study programs with a high level of service. To be able to meet at all times the associated requirements and goals, we employ an innovative quality management system. The result: numerous awards and high places in university rankings along with state accreditations and certifications from renowned auditing associations.


19 paź 2021