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Successful onboarding as key to success Onboarding

Even experienced managers face big challenges when starting out in a new management position. For one thing, they need to get to know the new team quickly and bring them on board for their work together. They also need to discuss the issues that are especially important to the team. For another, the crucial subject-specific topics involved in the newly assumed duties need to be identified and analyzed. In many cases, the manager no longer has the 100 days that used to be customary to meet these challenges.

Areas of focus 

  • Developing the shared expectations of the new boss and team. 
  • The new team works together to develop sub-topics that are then combined into 6 to 8 core topics to be worked on.
  • Developing solutions for each core topic and defining concrete measures.
  • The participants select the measures they will work together to implement.
  • Alignment and commitment of the new boss and participants for successful implementation.
  • Systematic follow-up after 4, 8, and 12 weeks, followed by a joint stocktaking of success at 100 days.


  • Manager and team get to know and gauge each other better.
  • The new manager gains detailed information about the new unit they are managing and its specific challenges.
  • Shared use of the experience and specialized knowledge of the key employees.
  • Alignment and commitment of all decision makers and stakeholders.
  • Fast, effective implementation by including all key persons.
  • Roadmap with concrete measures for the next 6 to 12 months.

Target audience

Onboarding is aimed at employees, board members, members of the executive management, and middle to upper managers.

The working method

The onboarding process is typically a structured workshop between the new manager and key people within the new team. The multi-step, interconnected communication process is led by the coach, with a focus on getting to know each other and the key challenges facing the unit. We recommend a 1-day workshop with participants arriving the night before, including dinner as a group and exciting discussion “later at the bar.”

We are happy to put you in touch with top managers we have assisted during successful onboarding. This way, you can get firsthand information about the quality and benefits of our work and the methods we use.