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No shortage of power women

Promoting women in the workplace is not an act of humanitarianism.

On the contrary, as several studies have consistently found, it is in the interests of companies to do so. McKinsey alone has conducted 3 research studies on gender (2015, 2018 and 2020). Their data set, taken from more than 1000 companies in 15 countries, clearly demonstrates that mixed gender teams are more successful than those dominated by men. It is high time word about these findings spread in Germany, because we are falling behind in comparison with other European countries. According to the Allbright study published last September, the share of women on the management boards of the 30 DAX companies is only 12.8%. The number of DAX companies without one single woman on the board has even worsened, from 6 to 11 since September 2019.

Could it be that there are just not enough suitable women for the job? This is a misconception that other research studies have demonstrably disproved: Boston Consulting found in its survey, now in its fourth year, that the female talent pipeline is well stocked. There is no shortage of power women at the levels of hierarchy below the board, just a shortage of men willing to promote them.

2 mar 2021