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The Flywheel Concept Processes of change

Successfully implementing processes of change. With our Flywheel Concept, we work with your team on the sustainable development of your company. Shared action on the part of the entire team lies at the heart of any successful process of change.

Fields of application

  • Realizing and implementing strategic planning
  • Defining and reaching annual targets
  • Improving cooperation between business units or divisions
  • Developing and implementing functional strategies
  • Improving innovation management
  • Further developing and optimizing reorganization
  • Implementing sustainability
  • Improving corporate culture
  • Successfully navigating merger and post-merger phases


  • The knowledge of the best and the brightest at your company is harnessed across different areas.
  • The Flywheel Concept brings optimum solutions for your company.
  • This approach fosters commitment and consensus for implementation.
  • The Flywheel Concept offers solutions based on the company’s strengths and drive.
  • It is our alternative to traditional consulting.
  • Better decisions are made.
  • The collective intelligence, and with it the expertise and experience, of the entire team is leveraged across the board. 
  • Effective implementation is ensured through a high degree of team involvement. 
  • Major goals are achieved and exceeded together.
  • High motivation on the part of the team to overcome reasonable challenges together
  • Efficient use of time: managers work on the system, not within the system.
  • Sustainability is a key success indicator and is consistently incorporated into the implementation phases.

The working method

The Flywheel Concept is a proven method of further developing companies and teams and achieving major goals. The method encompasses five phases, helping managers and their teams to successfully implement a strategic initiative over a period of six to 12 months. Entrepreneurs, board members, and managing directors we have reached with our method will be happy to provide you with information on it.


Dr. Frank Arnold has worked on more than 300 processes of change in the role of consultant and coach. He has distilled his experience into the Flywheel Concept methodology.

He received the SAP Quality Award for Customer Success in 2021 for his development. Further information on the method is available at