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Comprehensive research with human insight and industry expertise.



We have an excellent, well-established network of contacts in the key strategic industries.


Exceptionally well advised -

Founded in 1981 and managed by its partners ever since, DEININGER CONSULTING has ranked as one of the Top Ten personnel consulting companies based in Germany for more than 30 years. National and international focus   characterizes our executive search and enables us to continually attract outstanding professionals to fill first and second level management positions for leading companies and organizations throughout Germany and for German companies in international markets such as Asia and Eastern Europe.

The Process

Within a few weeks, we place top international positions – meeting the most exacting requirements.

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The qualities of a manager in the penalty area

May 2015 - On 7 May 2015 Christoph Metzelder (former national football player, now Managing Director at Jung von Matt/sports) and German business executives participated in the DEININGER CONSULTING round table on Top Performers in Sport and Industry to discuss what companies can learn from top-level sport.


April 2015 - On sunday, April 12, 2015 the Hannover trade fair opened for the 68th time since 1947. It is the world's leading trade fair for industrial technology.

A networked approach, tailored infrastructure and high quality research form the basis for successful consulting.

Christian Bährens

Christian Bährens, Consultant

Processes are only ever as good as the people who manage them and must therefore always be flexible enough to adjust to the needs of the clients and candidates to ensure sustainable success.

Kai Deininger

Kai Deininger, Partner

Entrepreneurial independence and strong equity capital serve as our basis for new ventures in future.

Thomas Deininger

Thomas Deininger, Managing Director

New media offers new opportunities. We make the potential of eRecruitment work for you.

The art of perfect research lies in finding the professional who remains undiscovered by others.

Joy Edwin Thanarajah

Joy Edwin Thanarajah, Consultant

Generating knowledge from information leads to successful consulting.

Hassan El Manfalouty

Hassan El Manfalouty, Managing Director

The primary task of the consultant is the selection of the right recruitment channels. We combine excellence in classic personnel consulting with expertise in eRecruitment to meet clients’ needs and industry requirements in filling vacancies.

Karl-Christian Gerbaulet

Karl-Christian Gerbaulet, Senior Consultant

Teamwork, professional competence, commitment and structured processes are the guarantee of successful project management.

Christian Gimbel

Christian Gimbel, Head of Project Management

Our strength lies in local knowledge and experience in India combined with our professional and cohesive global presence, ensuring identification of the most suitable future employees for you.

Shavikesh Goel

Shavikesh Goel, Geschäftsführer

The success or failure of a company is determined by its people, making employees the most important factor in attaining success. Recruiting the right people is therefore the best thing that a manager can do.

Anke Hoffmann

Anke Hoffmann, Managing Director

In China, loyalty and integrity are at least as important as specialist knowledge and professional experience.

Lodowing Insiun

Lodowing Insiun, Managing Director

Successful recruitment relies on fast selection coupled with candidate quality and quantity, and fine-tuning to client requirements.

Hakan Isik

Hakan Isik, Head of IdentCenter

The appeal of well-managed family businesses has increased steadily over the last three decades. It is a pleasure to work for them.

Dr Gerhard Jeuschede

Dr Gerhard Jeuschede, Managing Director

Managers are an investment in the future of your company, so don’t make compromises in finding them. Rely on quality and a placement guarantee. Rely on us.

Harald Kling

Harald Kling, Managing Director

Motivation, talent and the right environment are fundamental factors for sustainable success!

Andreas Kühner

Andreas Kühner, Partner

To play a part in the future, you must act today.

Mirja Linke

Mirja Linke, Partner

To be successful in international markets, one must differentiate between subjective wishes and objective opportunities.

Werner Mummert

Werner Mummert, Managing Director

I see integrity and honesty as the foundation of professional recruitment.

Oliver Neumann

Oliver Neumann, Managing Director

Success is a gift – wrapped in hard work.

Thomas Nieder

Thomas Nieder, Consultant

If the employee you are looking for is to add to your assets in future, his absence must be generating losses right now. When will you start the ball rolling?

Rainer Pauly

Rainer Pauly, Managing Director

I have to be able to interpret expectations that are hard to express verbally!

Marco Schmidt

Marco Schmidt, Managing Director

A thorough knowledge of diverse industries and international company structures creates the basis for successful long-term cooperation with our clients and candidates in Europe and Asia.

Stefan Schuberth

Stefan Schuberth, Partner

Our local expertise is the guarantee of your success in the vibrant Indian market.

Sanjay També

Sanjay També, Partner

If you do not wish to change anything, you will also lose the things you wish to keep.

Christian Tuttlies

Christian Tuttlies, Consultant